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Truth Prevails - SOLD

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Truth Prevails (Ilfracombe Harbour)  - Oil/Collage/Mixed Media on Canvas - 24 x 36 inch  - SOLD

'Amy Jobes' I feel very lucky to live in North Devon. The gorgeous coastline and endless views of Exmoor are constant sources of inspiration. The conservation of my local beaches, moors and woodlands is also of high importance to me. I wish for my art to indirectly encourage positive environmental actions, by moving people to begin (or rekindle) their own personal love for the natural world.

With her sword held high, Damien Hirst's Verity faces a huge Atlantic storm. Waves crash over her and over Ilfracombe Pier, which holds resemblance to a sinking ship in turbulent seas. Representing truth and justice, Verity stands on a base of scattered legal books. She holds traditional symbols of truth and justice - a sword and scales.

Verity stands close to a teal door, representing the next stage of human consciousness. Although the door isn't open, it is unobstructed and in full view. We have all the tools we need to rebalance nature and avert catastrophic climate change. The only thing now lacking is the will to act quickly (as if our lives depended on it). Under the painting is a collage of multiple newspaper cut outs, all articles relating to the climate and ecological emergency we face, and including inspirational stories of those who are already taking action.

In the sky you can find the footprint of a small child, representing the choice we have over our carbon and ecological footprint and the survival of our species.
The light in the sky and around Verity represents love, hope and action. By re-connecting to nature and shifting our consciousness away from 'power over nature' and 'taking from nature' to a feminine, nature-based consciousness, we will make the healing and restoration of our beautiful Earth the new normal. This nature-based consciousness already exists - in our indigenous tribes. We cannot afford to lose their knowledge and wisdom. The rest of us are absolute beginners. Feel the intense sorrow for what we have already lost and what we are losing. By allowing ourselves to grieve, we connect to a fierce rising of love which includes profound love for the natural world. As you feel your heart breaking, you have the opportunity to unlock your own radical brilliance and move into action.

Creativity pours out of grief. Humanity can grow from this.

‘Truth Prevails’ is a mixed media piece created using layers of texture paste, collage, acrylics and oils. It was made with love and awareness in beautiful North Devon.

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