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Amy Jobes

Amy Jobes

Amy Jobes art is inspired by natural places with huge skies and distant horizons. Amy captures her emotional response to these precious, mysterious and amazing places by painting them. Amy says, "By immersing myself in nature and the elements, I fill up my heart and then I pour it out again onto the canvas."

Recording the extraordinary beauty and emotive qualities of a landscape is important to Amy. But equally, Amy also hopes that her art inspires others to enjoy and appreciate the land and ocean in the way she does.

Amy says, "I feel very lucky to live in North Devon. The gorgeous coastline and endless views of Exmoor are constant sources of inspiration. The conservation of my local beaches, moors and woodlands is also of high importance to me. I wish for my art to indirectly encourage positive environmental actions, by moving people to begin (or rekindle) their own personal love for the natural world."

Back in the studio, Amy is influenced by artists such as Kurt Jackson, Franz Marc and Turner. Listening to music as she paints and often using song titles or lyrics to title her paintings. Oil paints are Amy's preferred medium. Oils are rich, velvety and simply gorgeous. Using palette knives to spread the paint like butter, building on the undercoat with various techniques to create vibrant and textured impressionistic paintings.

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Above the Rain   SOLD
Above the Rain - Oil on Canvas - 50 x 20 cm - Framed 53.5 x 23.5cm   SOLD 'Amy Jobes' I..
Blue Dream, Saunton Beach  SOLD
Blue Dream, Saunton Beach - Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas - 24 x 18  inches - 29.5 x 23.5 inc..
Bring me Sunlight  SOLD
Bring me Sunlight, Saunton Beach - Oil on Canvas - 56 x 40 cm - Framed 55.5 x 44cm   ..
Calling from the Sky - SOLD
Calling from the Sky - Croyde, North Devon - Oil on Box Canvas - 12 x 12 inches SOLD 'Amy Jobes' ..
Cinnamon Skies  SOLD
Cinnamon Skies - mixed media on canvas - 18 x 13.75 inch Framed   SOLD 'Amy Jobes' I fe..
Croyde Calm  SOLD
Croyde Calm - Oil, Gold Leaf & Mixed Media on Canvas - 16 x 12 inches - Framed 55 x 45 cm  ..
Darkness & Light   SOLD
Darkness and Light  (Saunton beach) - Mixed Media/Oil - Canvas - 56 x 40.75cm - Framed 70 x 56c..
Daydream in Blue SOLD
Daydream in Blue (Saunton Sands)  - Oil/Mixed Media on Canvas - 22 x 16 inch SOLD 'Amy Jobes..
Evening Clouds  SOLD
Evening Clouds - Oil on Canvas Board - 14 x 10 inches - 20 x 16 inch   SOLD 'Amy Jobes'..
Into the Light   SOLD
Into the Light  (Saunton Sands)  - Oil/Mixed Media on Canvas - 16 x 24 inch ..
Kaleidoscope Dream, Saunton Beach  SOLD
Kaleidoscope Dream, Saunton Beach - Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas - 24 x 18  inches - 29.5 x ..
Lights Up  SOLD
Lights Up - Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas - 40 x 30 cm  Framed  56 x 46 cm  SOLD ..
Love is Blue SOLD
Love is Blue (Croyde Bay)  - Oil/Mixed Media on Canvas - 30 x 60 cm SOLD 'Amy Jobes' I ..
New Day Rising   SOLD
New Day Rising - Oil on Canvas - 60 x 40cm - Framed 75 x 55cm   SOLD 'Amy Jobes' I feel very..
Night Swimming  SOLD
Night Swimming - Croyde, North Devon - Mixed Media, Oil & Gold Leaf on Box Canvas - 24 x 1.75 x ..
Ocean Dream, Putsborough Beach
Ocean Dream, Putsborough Beach - Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas - 24 x 18  inches - 29.5 x 23...