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Alex Moore

Alex Moore

Born 22 July 1997, Studied A-Level Art at West Buckland School, North Devon.

I want to capture more than just a seascape, not simply the formation of clouds or the breaking of waves, but rather a feeling, the very essence of the sea itself.

Growing up in North Devon, I have been very inspired by the landscape around me, visiting local beaches such as Saunton and Woolacombe has hugely impacted me as an artist. For me, the sea means so much more than simply waves crashing on the shore; the power and beauty of the ocean is something I wish to capture in every one of my paintings. I constantly visit Saunton, propping my canvas down on the cliff edge, trying to capture the sheer energy unleashed from the crashing waves..

I’m constantly asked how I make each of my pieces so different. Whilst the subject matter remains the same, each one of paintings seems to be almost entirely unique. In reality, the sky and sea never remain the same, there is never the same sunset or cloud formation, the sky is ever changing and that is something that I wish to emulate in my artwork.

I don't strive to produce a direct representation but rather create my own impression of the seascape around me, allowing you to view it through my eyes. I don’t necessarily strive to produce a technically impressive piece of art but rather evoke a response within the viewer, changing their perspective, transporting them from a gallery into the sea itself.

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