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Into the Light SOLD

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Into the Light  (Saunton Sands)  - Oil/Mixed Media on Canvas - 16 x 24 inch  SOLD

'Amy Jobes' I feel very lucky to live in North Devon. The gorgeous coastline and endless views of Exmoor are constant sources of inspiration. The conservation of my local beaches, moors and woodlands is also of high importance to me. I wish for my art to indirectly encourage positive environmental actions, by moving people to begin (or rekindle) their own personal love for the natural world.

Inspired by the dramatic skies and shimmering light of Saunton Beach, North Devon.

We live in turbulent times. Shocks to our way of life, constant change and an uncertain future can leave us feeling small, disconnected and sometimes fearful.

Experiencing the immense beauty of the natural world lifts the spirits and reconnects us to our amazing planet, and in turn back to ourselves. The vast expanse of the beach and ocean give a soothing sense of perspective. Worries and cares fly away on the breeze, and the glow of sunlight warms the heart and nourishes the soul. My paintings aim to capture the wonder, awe and beauty of nature. I hope they inspire others to share the same love and respect for the ecosystems and environments on which we depend.Communicating the incredible beauty of the natural world is my passion and obsession. In a world under strain, part of my job as an artist is to pour beauty into the cracks. As I paint, I visualise a world where all people have the utmost respect for natural environments and are guardians of our planet. A world without litter, pollution or toxic waste, where wildlife is given space and support to flourish all around us. A world where we have balance in our lives and allow love to motivate our actions.

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