Joanne Horrobin

Joanne Horrobin

Artist Biography

Using the Sgraffito method, Joanne scratches back the dried enamel to create a design, this is then kiln fired. The process is repeated as further layers of enamel are applied. Joanne uses the local land and seas as inspiration and abstracts from that when enamelling. Each enamel design and colour are intuitive, of the moment, and unique. Each piece is finished with a bronze patina on the outside and elevated on wood bases.

Diagnosed dyslexic at an early age, this journey has allowed Joanne to use her sense of sight to store many images and colours in her mind which now transfer through her artwork in an intuitive way. Joanne’s art is about the study of nature, creating pieces of work which preserve memories of colours or intricate designs of a butterfly wing or lines that have been ploughed onto a field.

“I attempt to create that which is infinitely more beautiful in natural form, but endeavour to in some way represent it in my own way.”


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