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Danni Bradford

Danni Bradford

Danni uses the art of Verre-Eglomise - the reverse gilding of glass - to create abstract panels and study pieces inspired by the natural beauty of the Marine life & Fauna, and Moors & Coast of the West Country.  Each piece is unique & lovingly produced in a small studio by the sea. Each piece is created in reverse on tempered glass using a variety of mediums including, inks and metal leaf, then flipped over the reveal the image through the glass. Man has been gilding objects for over 4000 years. The Egyptians and ancient Greeks used gold leaf to adorn precious objects as a symbol of immortality, and the Romans used extensive ornamental gilding within their palaces and temples.

Gilding is a timeless and classical art and one which holds so many possibilities. When I first began gilding I started an extraordinary journey of discovery - one that thrills and excites me, and compels me to push my own boundaries as both an Artist and an Artisan. Every texture, line and surface is accentuated when laid with the delicate metal leaf. Smooth glass surfaces transform water gilded leaf to a mirror like finish, and natural objects are somehow bought to life with a delicate luminosity.

I love the challenge and the complexity of gilding. Some of the processes I use to achieve my finishes are age old techniques, and many are born from continuous experimentation and ideas in the studio. My studio is also my sanctuary, a place to reflect as well as to create. My inspiration comes from the constantly changing colours and the landscapes surrounding my home, from the vastness of the dunes and moorland to the tiny micro-landscapes concealed between the boulders and valley floors.

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Blue Moon 850mm  SOLD
Blue Moon - S/No.6821 - Polychromes, Paint, Micas, Lustre, Enamel, Silver Leaf on Glass - 850mm Diam..
Blue Strata  SOLD
Blue Strata - S/No.3419 - Polychromes, Lustre, Paint & Silver Leaf - Glass Panel 850 x 600mm - 6..
Copper Leaves SOLD
Copper Leaves - Copper, gold & micas - 600 x 600 mm SOLD Danni uses the art of Verre-Eglomise..
Earthen Moon  850mm
Earthen Moon - Ref: 7321 - Polychromes, Paint, Micas, Lustre, Enamel & 24ct Gold Leaf on Glass&n..
Flow   SOLD
Flow #2 - 1200 x 600 mm - serial 9417 - polychromes, paint, micas, silver leaf   SOLD D..
Untitled Drops   SOLD
Untitled Drops - S/No.1818 - 600 x 1200mm - Polychrome - micas -paints - silver leaf  &nbs..