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James Rothwell

James Rothwell

My art is an expression and result of a life long interaction with the sea and the coastal environment.
I have always enjoyed the challenges of harnessing the powers of nature to sail in races or travel to interesting places I haven't seen yet.
For the majority of the time this experience is beautiful,exhilarating or calming etc. however as much fun as this environment can be, nature will always find time to remind me that it commands a huge level of respect and to disregard this would be foolish and hazzardous to the extreme. The sculpture I've been producing in recent years uses sections of tree trunks oak, yew and walnut with a glass focal point. The tree sections I choose lend themselves to the themes I've described. I incorporate sail and wave forms some pieces can include figurative elements ie self within the environment.

The glass focal point is set in a hole that I make through the centre of the sculpture which is shaped as though formed by the sea. The glass is their as a visual suggestion of the sea and it's potential dangers.

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Atlantic Drift
Atlantic Drift - Oak & Glass - 23 x 13 inch approx SOLD "The Beauty & Danger of the sea" ..
Syreni - Walnut & Glass - 38.5 x 16 inch approx SOLD "The Beauty & Danger of the sea" ..
Tempest l
Tempest I - Yew & Glass - 6.5 x 26.5 inch SOLD ..
Tempest ll
Tempest II - Oak & Glass - 5.5 x 9.5 inch SOLD   ..