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Eddie Kent

Eddie Kent

Eddie Kent’s passion is Ceramics and especially the hand building techniques such as ‘coiling’ and ‘slab building’ which he then carves back at the leather dry clay stage. Eddie is intrigued by the Raku firing technique and after many years mastering Raku he has obtained the nick name ‘The Rakuman’!

Mechanical Space Collection - Striking forms exploring Eddie’s fascination with Retro Technology, Victorian Industrial, Science Fiction and Gothic Symbolism. Each piece is built from white earthenware clay, hand carved and finished with a Raku firing. The result, is a unique and ‘out of this world' piece of sculpture.

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Dragon with Egg
Dragon with Egg - Stoneware - H58 x W16.5 x D16.5cm Approx Mechanical Space Collection - Striking..
Hydro Orb Pedestal
Hydro Orb Pedestal - Stoneware - H58 x W14 x D14cm Mechanical Space Collection - Striking forms e..
Reflection of Well Being
Reflection of Well Being - Stoneware - H40.5 x W28 x D6cm Mechanical Space Collection - Striking ..
Space Orb
Space Orb - Stoneware - Diameter 14cm Mechanical Space Collection - Striking forms exploring Eddi..
The Kings Orb
Kings Orb - Stoneware -  H45 x W20 x D20cm Approx Mechanical Space Collection - Striking for..