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Robert Hill

Robert Hill

Robert was born 23/09/1964, Hampstead in London.
He studied Fine Art at Plymouth University obtaining a 2/1 Fine Art Degree with Honours.

During this time Robert studied under one of Britain’s leading landscape painters, ‘John Virtue’. Virtue influenced Robert to paint in a free spontaneous way. Robert’s work is dynamic and emotionally charged, presenting a complex interaction between realism and abstraction. This interplay allows for expression of freedom, opening up the possibility of fresh access in the depiction of each subject chosen. Inventive and creative, he shows a broad understanding of the balance between colour, structure and perspective along with sensitive and compelling observation. Using this approach his work reveals some strong, colourful, energetic and enigmatic depictions of life and nature.

Robert is exhibited and collected both locally and nationally.
His work collected by J.D.Weatherspoon has been on public view at The Sir General Redvere Buller, Crediton.


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Invisible Sun SOLD
Invisible Sun - Acrylic on Board - 33 x 33 inch Framed - SOLD Robert was born 23/09/1964, Hampste..
Jolly Cold  SOLD
Jolly Cold - Acrylic - Canvas - 14 x 18 Inches - Framed SOLD ..
Kinda Blue  SOLD
Kinda Blue - Acrylic on Canvas Board - 13.5 x 17.5 inch inc frame  SOLD Artist Robert Hill s..
Lantern Hill ll SOLD
Lantern Hill #2 - Mixed Media on Board - 30 x 22 inches - Framed 28 x 36.25 Inches SOLD Artist Ro..
Lantern Hill lll  SOLD
Lantern Hill #3 - Mixed Media on Board - 21.75 x 30.5 inches - Framed 28 x 36.25 Inches  SOLD ..
Warmth of the Sun  -  SOLD
Warmth of the Sun - Acrylic on Canvas - 19.5 x 23.5 inches - Framed - SOLD Robert Hill studied ..