Breaking - Wave - Float Framed 26 x 26cm - SOLD

I discovered glass by accident, through my landlady whilst studying at Falmouth Art College, falling instantly in love with the look and the process of working with glass I decided to specialise in Architectural Stained Glass at Swansea. Though not actively working with glass during my sporting career, the fascination never left. Now retired from competition, glass is back as the focus of my passion.

“Its colour, its reflections and translucent quality instantly captured my heart. To me it has a similar quality to water. It is enigmatic you can look at it, or through it. It is there and not there and can create a potent visual effect, either opulent or subtle. I love the challenge of designing for different buildings, interiors and people, whether a large architectural piece or an intensely personal small piece. “Dreya”

Breaking Wave SOLD

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