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Beach Huts

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Beach Huts - Acrylic - Box Canvas - 18 x 18 inch

Sharon is a painter and writer with 30 years experience in the creative arts. She established the innovative gallery Aspects in London; was a founding figure of the New Designers Exhibition; Festival Coordinator for the inaugural London Design Festival; Director of The Sorrell Foundation, and winner of the Innovation in Student Engagement Award at the Excellence in BSF Awards. She has lectured at five of the University of Arts London colleges and organised exhibitions for the Royal College of Art. She is currently running Aspects of Exmoor Art Days.

Pointillism: the technique of applying small, regular dabs of unmixed colour on to the picture surface, relying on scientific theories, such as the precise combination of complementary colours – red/green, orange/blue, yellow/violet. Pioneered in the mid 1880s-90s mainly in France by Seurat who used the term divisionism; see also Cross and Signac.

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Tags:   pointillism, modern art, exmoor art, landscapes, contemporary art, abstract art, sharon plant,